Richard Allen Poppe

I was born in Fremont, Nebraska on Febuary 29th, 1968 and as far back as I can remember I have always been a devotee of the macabre. Even at an early age I was fascinated by anything that went bump in the night. I remember in 1972, at the sensitive age of four, hiding behind my father’s recliner while the babysitter read from the T.V. guide, reciting the plot from the late, late horror show. I gazed out from the safety of my position, looking into the intensifying shadows that engulfed the den and the hallway beyond, half expecting some shambling formless thing to be waiting just outside the range of my sight. Later, when the sandman’s pull upon my eyelids was too much to struggle against, the babysitter would carry me into my bedroom and tuck me in. The one thing that I seem to remember about that weekly ritual is the morbid sense of disappointment I always felt when there was never a grinning ghoul of some sort waiting for us down that dark passageway to my room.

On my 11th birthday, I came into the possession of a paperback copy of “The Tomb and Other Tales”, an anthology of some of the superlative works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The cover of the paperback portrayed a face held forcefully together with a steel band and an ornate padlock. From the top of the forehead, a split had been formed and a mass of blood red bats swarmed forth. This image had such a profound effect on me that for the next week all I cared to read was my newly found digest of the bizarre. How was I to know that the seven days that followed would be the start of a love affair that would last until present day and sufficiently warp me for life and inspire me attempt to bring Lovecraft’s world to life.

I currently live in Saint Petersburg, Florida with my wife Lisa, her daughter Fallon and my little boy Quinn. I have been fortunate enough to be able to do my art full time ( and actually make money at it ) while I stay at home with my son. The majority of my work is cast in polyester resin and mixed media. My books, are fully functional tomes with text or blank. I’ve been seriously pursuing my craft for the past 6 years and am hoping to further myself as one of the elite cabal in the Mythos artist community. You can see my work at my website Thanks a lot. Email Richard

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15 Responses to “Richard Allen Poppe”

  1. Mark Golden Wrote:

    Brilliant! How long does each piece take?

  2. Rodr-Evil Wrote:

    Awesome work!!!

  3. Xipe Totec Wrote:

    Great,I especially love the ninth image.

  4. Antonio Wrote:

    Oh God!! Some of them are very sick.. great!

  5. Reswati Wrote:

    I just bought the R.A. Poppe Necronomicon, and it is a true eyecatcher…..this man is a genius !!!!

  6. Michael Weston Wrote:


  7. Brett Gundersen Wrote:

    Quite spectacular work.

  8. Nilyarlathotep Wrote:

    Simply marvelous!

  9. Crazy1van Wrote:

    Those are all very much the awesomeness.

  10. Denise@phoenix Wrote:

    Love your work!!! Keep it up!!!

  11. Solomon Kane Wrote:

    Richard is a fraud, a thief, a liar and a cheat !
    Too bad I’m not allowed to warn people…

  12. Rüdiger Z. Wrote:

    Great art but no honest man.
    I wait TWO YEARS now to recieve books I have payed on Ebay.
    No books recieved and not keeping promise to sent me.
    Thief and liar, yes!

  13. Angry Eyes Wrote:

    Ya know that’s some pretty creepy stuff for sombody who has a debilitating phobia of roaches. It’s cool though. Are you still a Ninja?

  14. Salvia Wrote:

    I was looking for a piece of art in this style. It amazed me. But unfortunately I can not find anything anywhere to buy from you. And now I see these negative comments above. Anyway does anyone of you can recommend me someone who would be able to do such a great statue o Cthulhu?

  15. Larvalis Wrote:

    This art ist brilliant and magical.
    Sad that he is not that honest (I agree to Rüdiger) but maybe this man appears again – i hope so.

    Ia-ia, Larvalis

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