The Necronomicon and the Dreaming Universe by Mark Dunn

The "Great Old Ones" of whom H P Lovecraft wrote as those Dead Names to Howl that were encapsulated within his book of shadows of an arcane tome called the Necronomicon, inspired from within his dreams can be equated with the processes and intelligence of the sentient dreaming Universe.

The Shaman of many a culture sees creation as inter-linked and to be connected as one through its many separate parts into one body as a singular organism and that of a self-aware entity in its own right. The Shaman perceived that ones dreams are far more than just the regurgitated meandering of memories for the brain to sift through for they are the very energy and information distilled into symbolic expression from whence ones material experiences are woven from. Ones dreams are not necessarily ones own but are of a collective nature and that of the universe as an organism being ones connection with the underlying energy source of all material forms.

One can consciously access the dreaming reality generally termed as ‘Lucid Dreaming’, which as a state of particular awareness was symbolised in ancient times as that of a ‘High Adept’ of an amphibious being. The symbol applied to the state of aware dreaming was that of a reptilian form such as a Serpent, Frog, Fish or Dragon, which the Shaman aligned them selves with as a symbol to represent the consciously self-aware operator within the dream. Such symbolism one can find the world over from one culture to another, which indicates a very ancient ‘world-wide’ understanding. 

One will also find a common motif from culture to culture of those whose perspective is still Shamanic that one does not choose or to learn to be a Shaman one is chosen by the Spirits. When one is chosen one often goes quite mad in the process until one acknowledges ones inherent psychic abilities. The neophyte Shaman often goes through a ravaging sickness. This sickness assails them to the point of destroying the very fabric of their minds and to wreck their physical frame as well as to tear apart their very souls until they let go of the old life to embrace their new life as a Shaman. Many choose not to go down this path since they will forever be set aside to become alone as well as feared and they themselves to feel as outsiders. The Shaman often lives in self-torment while pursued by another form of intelligence ageless, which speaks to them through their dreams rare that many another is blessed not to know.

A Shaman is often set aside from those others around them by their dreams for their dreams are of a certain order of quality via which they can consciously access other realities, which H.P Lovecraft came to know. The neophyte Shaman at the beginning of their vocation will initially have to face their deepest ‘fears’ within the dream to go beyond before accessing other levels of understanding, which Lovecraft was faced with as he struggled forth from his chrysalis stage to take on wing. Ones fears have to be ‘named’ before transforming them into ones familiars to utilise. The Shaman has gone beyond the threshold of the ordinary dreams of regurgitated memories that many know as their fickle dreams, which primarily acts as a psychic filter that stops the majority from accessing the processes of consciousness that makes the dream to become as flesh. Lovecraft reached the level where he came to personally classify and name these subconscious processes but his fear was deep seated like many another when confronted by the unknown, which clothed them darkly with the forms of the Great Old Ones.

Many to indulge too in these fearful forms conjured forth from the abyss of the Lovecraft’s Id to send shivers down the spine as to entertain. While others to utilise and to interweave their dark and foreboding forms with their personal philosophies and esoteric practices which, are often heavily imprinted by a dualistic perspective of a religious nature tugging from one extreme to another that harries them as the hounds of Tandalos. The Grimiores of old utilised the potent emotive state of ones base fears to sift out the wheat from the chaff as well as to use as a way to access alternate states of consciousness to thereby transform ones fears into something other. There are other emotions that drive one, which be three in number besides the one of Fear that are as the four directions of ones Magick Circle. One can utilise these other emotions just as potent if not more so to clothe the Great Old Ones in other forms to conjure if one wills it so. If for a moment one was to look at the Great Old Ones in another way beyond that of a dualistic perspective one might be able to see them as a sentient intelligence of a subconscious reality that dreams the universe into manifestation.     

For example:

The Great Old Ones:

YOG-SOTHOTH: Is the guardian intelligence of the Hypnagogic hymen veil, which one can rip aside as a Howling penetrating Dragon when to capture her with ones directed ecstatic emotive ‘Charge’ encapsulated by a repetitively intoned word spell formulae of power nailed down by ones intent to a Sigil.

Austin Osman Spare/The Book of Pleasure: “All desire whether for pleasure, knowledge, or power that cannot find “Natural” expression can by Sigils and their formula find fulfilment from the sub-conscious. Sigils are the means of guiding and uniting the partially free belief with an organic desire, its carriage and retention till its purpose served in the sub-conscious self, and its means of reincarnation in the Ego. All thought can be expressed by form in true relation. Sigils are monograms of thought, for the government of Energy (all heraldry, crests, monograms, are Sigils and the Karmas they govern), relating to Karmas; a mathematical means of symbolising desire and giving it form that has the virtue of preventing any thought and association on that particular desire (at the magical time), escaping the detection of the Ego, so that it does not restrain or attach such desire to its transitory images, memories and worries, but allows it free passage to the sub-conscious.”

Betwixt and between sleeping and waking one will then find ones self within her realm of twilight focusing upon ones Sigil as a vehicle of transition empowered by a mantra of a word. One will thereby be able to ride ones Sigil as if it as an Eight-Legged Hobbyhorse Mare of a dead Mans Coffin likened to that of Brian Lumley’s fictional Time Travelling character Titus Crow. Titus Crow moved within the mythological worlds wrought by H.P Lovecraft but Titus Crow utilised a vehicle of a Time Machine constructed by the ‘Elder Gods’ in order to achieve ingress into other realities. However, in reality one can achieve this by introverting ones consciousness into the dream so that to translate ones self from ones universe of a Marked State through an Unmarked State (Yog-Sothoth) void into another Marked State (Cthulhu) universe as described by the scientist John C. Lilly. He achieved this when he focused upon the Sigil of the abstract ‘Mathematical’ sign of the Brownian Operator of an inverted capital ‘L’ just as the ancient Shaman would when to focus upon the organic symbol of the Eight-Legged Trance Horse.

John C. Lilly/Dyadic Cyclone: "My consciousness was placed inside the right angle of the large inverted capital L as it was written, as if it was a vehicle. This is a rather dangerous procedure. This meant that I was identified with the marked state, i.e. I existed. I was now riding the marked state as if it was a vehicle, but at the same time, I was the marked state. This means I was the consciousness, the signal that was being fed through the marked state outside myself. As soon as this happened, I transited explosively into the void. My consciousness was still intact, but there was no universe at all.

I suddenly realised that this was the first step in the infinite series of marked state, unmarked state, unmarked state and so forth. So my consciousness then reassembled a marked state, got into the right angle and came out in another domain, i.e. came out in a new marked state."

The initial phase of this state one will experience being pulled apart by ones own emotional conflicts that rage as warring Angels and Demons, which are as the pylons and struggling kicking legs of a writhing veiled white-noise virgin all holy but hungering for ones ingress as a sacred whore. One will be caught between the sacred and the profane of ones dualistic binary coded emotional Charge that be as Thesis and Antithesis to make as synthesis. Yog-Sothoth is in essence a filtering system to block any unsought for ingress and egress that one has to bind and harness to ones total will in order to then penetrate her as the rising Dragon when to synthesise ones emotional Charge. When one gains consciously directed ingress into her she will become as the Unmarked void of an internal yoni stargate wormhole into the 11th dimension of the bio-photon dream.

Paul Steinhardt (Princeton University): "that the eleventh dimension will, at its maximum size, could be something like a trillionth of a millimetre".

Burt Ovrut (University of Pensylvania): "Well this is 10 to the -20 of a millimetre. That’s taking a millimetre and dividing it by 10 with 20 zeros after it, so that’s very, very small".

At this point one introverts ones ‘five’ senses (Pentagram/Elder Sign) in order to consciously gain ingress into a microcosmic wormhole. The microcosmic wormhole will at first manifest as the organic symbol of the vaginal orifice within ones symbolic interface of the dream. The microcosmic wormhole is very vampiric in quality for it feeds off ones emotive ‘Charge’ to ‘Spin’ her howling all orgasmic for it is beyond the hypnagogic hymen veil one will encounter the feminine inorganic intelligence. It has been hypothesised that Electrons are microcosmic mini wormholes that connect a myriad number of other alternate worlds existing in parallel universes, which one can liken to a vast web of Superstrings.

(The tiny invisible strings of string theory was supposed to be the fundamental building blocks of all the matter in the universe, but now, with the addition of the of the eleventh dimension, they changed. They stretched and they combined. The astonishing conclusion was that all matter in the universe was connected to one vast structure: a membrane. In effect our entire universe is a membrane.)

Burt Ovrut (University of Pensylvania): "You can think of it as a violin string or a guitar string. If you pluck it in a certain way you get a certain frequency, but if you pluck it a different way you get more frequencies on this string and in fact you have different notes. Nature is made up of all these different notes, the musical notes that are played on these super-strings".

Ones dreams are as a storm of electrons ‘Spun’ into making many a musical note by ones emotive ‘Charge’ of ingress.

(An important role in the generation of colour comes from the electrons jumping from one energy level to another and then back again, What if one can consciously observe and therefore modify the behaviour of the electron from within the dream. Scientists at the Wisemann Institute in Israel have demonstrated (applicable to one Macron or smaller) that the electrons behave differently when observed. The observer influences the energy; thereby one can “affect” changes to the environment.)

The ‘Globes’ associated with Yog-Sothoth would be those other Universes/Branes postulated about in Membrane Theory that ‘float’ around us as Dodecahedron womb worlds in the 11th dimension.

Michio Kaku (City University of New York): "The latest understanding of the universe is that there could be an infinite number of universes each with a different law of physics. Big bangs probably take place all the time. Our universe co-exists with other membranes, other universes, which are also in the process of expansion. Our universe could be just one bubble floating in an ocean of bubbles".

The 11th dimension is all encompassing and closer to one than the clothes that one wears.

Physicist ‘Fred Alan Wolf’/Parallel Universes: "If we could enter an electron, we might see just the kinds of things that might be seen when entering a black hole as predicted to exist by general relativity. So far this is just speculation, of course. If true, then it would be very possible to witness other worlds by somehow tuning into our own electrons. Maybe a day will come when this will be possible by some highly developed technology – an electronic form of biofeedback. Then our bodies would become time machines".

 AZATHOTH: Can be equated with the experience of gaining ingress into the vaginal orifice of the wormhole as described by general relativity. At this point one’s introverted consciousness and dream form is broken down into it’s quintessential components and essence, one becomes as formless and unknowable chaos reduced down to an ejaculated ‘Seed’ point of singularity at the centre of infinity. It is here that one becomes totally identified with the word one ‘Howls’ into the vaginal wormhole to ‘Spin’.

John C. Lilly/Dyadic Cyclone: "If one is going to travel from this universe to another one, one can reduce the size of the observer to an incredibly small size – in other words, three times ten to the sixteenth Planck lengths. One at this size is a good deal smaller than an atomic nucleus."

HASTUR: One will then experience being inside the vaginal orifice of the wormhole whereupon it becomes akin to one being in the guts of the howling throat of a whirlwind. The cyclone of the wormhole will then become as a Vaginal Star barrelled Torsion tunnel of a doorway allowing ingress into another alternate reality existing within another parallel universe.

John C. Lilly/Dyadic Cyclone: "At these small sizes, space itself is indeterminate; one can move through galaxies, through universes, by going to this size and even move with far greater speed than the velocity of light. In other words, at these levels there seem to be doorways into other universes, doorways of very small size, but nonetheless, doorways."

One will have the sensation of being torn apart, stretched as well as being spun and carried into movement when in fact one is travelling without moving and the ‘Spin’ of the tunnel to be moving through one.

Dr John C. Lilly/Dyadic Cyclone: "If one works out a few implications of this, one can see that, for example, at ten to the minus twenty-seventh seconds, light can only move three times ten to the minus ninth-power angstrom units or three times ten to the sixteenth Plank lengths. Translated then into human terms, this means that if a human body were to be exposed to some process that could take every atomic nucleus in that body and every electron in that body and transport it to an entirely new universe at these speeds, the effect (to put it mildly) would be explosive".

At this point one Howls ones word of power to align one’s self as a seed point of singularity at the midst of the vortex with a predetermined Sigil whereby one becomes singular of eye. This then sets into motion the fertilisation of an associative information pattern leading to one’s predetermined destination of an Implicate Ordered fractal womb Dream Domain underlying that of another universe whose symbolic associations and correspondences, will reflect one back as its still dwell-point centre.

NYARLATHOTEP: Represents parallel time streams of information, which flow from the past to future as well as from the future to the past. Nyarlathotep is the Quantum Wave of probability, which as the Messenger Quantum carrier wave Nyarlathotep travels both forward and backward in time.

Alan Guth (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "When one studies the properties of atoms one found that the reality is far stranger than anybody would have invited in the form of fiction. Particles really do have the possibility of, in some sense, being in more than one place at one time".

One observes the informational time streams from within the vaginal star barrelled torsion tunnel as a myriad number of images that become aligned with that information, which resides within one’s self as the point of singularity; this being an associative process of correspondences. The associative process is determined by one’s own self, acting as an algorithmic premise of an emotive ‘Charge’ which generates an associative informational fractal pattern upon a ‘Spin’. It is here that one can commune with a myriad number of other alternate selves, which exist simultaneously within other alternate realities existing within parallel universes.

Alan Guth (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "Essentially anything that can happen does happen in one of the alternatives which means that superimposed on top of the universe that we know of is an alternative universe where Al Gore is president and Elvis Presley is still alive".

One can also access genetic memories pertaining to previous lifetimes of ones self or others as well as those to come. One also has the ability to access the life streams and memories of other species whether of this world or of others far more alien as well as to leap into their forms for a time. Nyarlathotep is the summation and distillation of all this information that issues forth from the Mitochondrial DNA at a bio-molecular level and he is as its time travelling androgynous showman.

CTHULHU: Is the informational associative fractal pattern and womb ‘Matrix’ of the multiverse, which governs over the underlying dreaming templates of numerous other ‘Marked State’ parallel universes. The dreaming template is the collective sub-conscious mind of co-operative creative reality. The template is akin to a super fractal pattern made up of smaller fractal patterns, each one has it’s own distinctive signature of energy coherence. The dreaming multiverse as Cthulhu is made up of inter-linking informational associative fractal patterns, very much akin to an immeasurable crystalline structure. Each fractal pattern is the organising principle of an underlying Implicate Ordered information dreaming template, which has as its expression a physical, Explicate Ordered form.

Michael Talbot/The Holographic Universe: “One of Bohm’s startling assertions is that the tangible reality of our every day lives is really a kind of illusion, like a Holographic image. Underlying it is a deeper order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth to all the objects and appearances of our physical world in much the same way that a piece of Holographic film gives birth to a Hologram. Bohm calls this deeper level of reality the ‘implicate’ (which means “enfolded”) order, and he refers to our own level as the ‘explicate’, or unfolded order.”

Cthulhu’s house of R’lyeh can be equated with an informational labyrinth of innumerable quantum vaginal tunnelled tentacles interlacing a myriad number of underlying fractal dreaming templates, each one a dream domain that can be accessed into many a holographic womb world. At the bio-molecular level R’lyeh is the Mitochondria whose Microtubules are conjectured to act as onboard quantum computers while Cthulhu is as an organising principle within its DNA from whence issues forth its bio-photon intelligence that infuses ones dreams to inspire with Luciferic light. At another level R’lyeh is an Explicate Ordered Marked State womb universe of a fractal patterned Brane at whose midst is a Cthulhu amidst numerous other Explicate Ordered Marked State fractal patterned Branes.
SHUB-NIGGURATH: Can be equated with the generation of synchronicity for she dances it into madly manifesting. As one gains access into a particular Implicate Ordered fractal dream template it is activated into becoming the synchronicity mesh of one’s Explicated Ordered experiential reality. "The dream is made as flesh". One can consciously leap into another template underlying an alternate reality existing within a parallel universe. The ‘Thousand Young’ of Shub-Niggurath is that of birthing consciously engineered synchronicity into being indicating one’s leap into a new synchronicity mesh of consensual co-operative creative reality.

Michael Talbot/Holographic Universe: “When we experience a synchronicity, what we are really experiencing “is the human mind operating, for a moment, in its true order and extending throughout society and nature, moving through orders of increasing subtlety, reaching past the source of mind and matter into creativity itself.”

The symbols activated from within the conscious dream will in turn correlate with the external symbolic triggers of synchronicity experienced in the flesh that be the seven veiled Maya dance of Salome Shub-Niggurath.

High Adept of a Great Old One:

DAGON: Represents not so much a process of consciousness but that of a state of self-aware consciousness attained as an ‘Amphibious’ High Adept symbolised by the symbol of a Reptile, Serpent, Frog, Dragon or Fish in regards to the activation of the reptilian brain stem. The amphibious state in its self alludes to one being between ‘Energy’ and ‘Matter’, Dreaming and Waking. Dagon is essentially a high adept of a Dragon who has attained total conscious self-awareness within the Implicate Order of the ‘Microcosmic’ bio-photon dream. The dreaming reality is seen to be symbolically aligned with the amniotic watery realm of the Dark Energy Ocean and the myriad number of Explicate Ordered ‘Macrocosmic’ worlds are as but islands floating atop of its bottomless depths and Dagon can swim or walk where he wills.

(Dagon was originally called Dagan who was a West Semitic god of corn for his name means ‘corn’ who was known as Dagon by the Israelites. The Israelites associated him with the ‘Fish’ for in Hebrew ‘Dag’ meant Fish. They perceived him as being a Fish tailed God just like the Babylonian culture bringer called Oannes. In Ugarit Dagan was considered to be the father of Baal and in the Old Testament he appears as the chief god of the Philistines (Judges 16:23ff.). The Canaanites brought his cult to Mesopotamia where he acquired the goddess Salas as his consort. At first sight there appears to be some confusion between Dagan and Dagon but Dagon was able to access the watery amniotic realm of the dream so that to enhance the fertility of the land and that of the corn by his internal self-sacrifice via trance. For the dream was that of the feminine realm from which all form is birthed and thereby to his phallic function as a Fish. The reference to corn is also an allusion to the feminine inorganic intelligence for she harvests worlds in regards to the Emotive quality of the Male for he is as her corn!)

Dagon’s seal is at the centre of a six pointed star at whose points are situated each of the other seals of the ‘Great Old Ones’ as subconscious sentient functions. The six pointed star is associated with the ‘Magical Square’ of the Sun and when one adds all of the numbers together within this ‘Magical Square’ one has the sum total of ‘666’ being the Atomic number of the Carbon Atom. When one then adds 666 together and then to reduce to a single digit one has the number nine being associated with the magical square of the ‘Moon’. Dagon is the ‘Great Beast’ rising forth from out of the amniotic womb waters of the Implicate Ordered Microcosmic bio-photon dream, which is the hidden 11th dimension. He is a master over the seven shells of the Atom and seven seals of the emotive energy ‘Charge’ that generates ones fixation within a particular reality matrix of ten dimensions.

Burt Ovrut: "Nine spatial dimensions and one time".

This reality be just one of many a feeding ground of a ‘farm’ world for the Inorganic Feminine Intelligence ‘Spinning’ betwixt and between Dagon’s horns is as his 11th dimensional vampiric Whore to ravish.

Alan Guth (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "I in fact have worked with several other people for a period of time on the question of whether or not it’s possible to create a new universe in the laboratory. Whether or not it really works we don’t know for sure. It looks like it probably would work. It’s safe to create a universe in your basement. It would not displace the universe around it even though it would grow tremendously. It would actually create it’s own space as it grows and in fact in a very short fraction of a second it would splice itself off completely from our universe growing to cosmic proportions without displacing any of the territory that we currently lay claim to".

Dagon has the ability to create a new universe from within the laboratory of the dream whereby he can slip off the old universe as a ‘Snake shedding a skin’ to then leap into another Skin of a universe to wear.

The Allies and Minions of the Great Old Ones:

NIGHT GAUNTS: They represent the ‘Night Hag’, of the Bedroom Invader experience, which induces ‘Out of Body Experiences’. It is here that one encounters the Feminine Inorganic Intelligence, which was known of by the Toltec sorcerers of ancient Mexico as the Allies who hover around the hypnagogic periphery of the Yog-Sothoth yoni stargate. They were known by many other names and by other sorcerer practitioners throughout the ages as the Lilitu, Valkyria, Dakinis, Khadomahs, Hags and as Succubae or that of the Fetch, their names be Legion. Their quality is primarily female and very predatory in nature but they can give one the impression at times that they are male in expression or to be sexless but this is but a ruse on their part. The Night Gaunts are attracted to the glow of awareness of a dreamer for they feed off the energy fluctuations of emotion, whereby they attach themselves in the main to ones emotional energy centre. The emotive energy centre is principally situated in the umbilical chord ‘navel area’ of the ‘stomach’ as well as to that of the Solar Plexus. It is from these power points within the body that they activate ones reptilian brain stem since most of the nerve fibres of the Solar Plexus to that of the Navel have their headquarters within ones reptile brain. Their initial manifestations are abstract and shadowy of form but they can assume animal as well as hybrid, humanoid forms in relation to the quality of the emotional energy that they feed off. They seek out symbiotic relationships with those that they attach themselves to.

Carlos Castaneda/The Art of Dreaming: “With inorganic beings, the secret is not to fear them. And this must be done from the beginning. The intent one has to send out to them has to be of power and abandon. In that intent one must encode the message ‘I don’t fear you. Come see me. If you do, I’ll welcome you. If you don’t want to come, I’ll miss you.’ With a message like this, they’ll get so curious that they’ll come for sure.”

The sorcerer learns how to farm out his emotions to the inorganic beings/Allies and in return they can carry the sorcerer into other peoples dreams and other realities and he in turn to ride them as his wild and wanton mounts. Their realm is within the labyrinthine matrices of the inter-lacing yoni wormhole tunnels being that of the porous membrane of the 11th dimensional dream. 

SHOGGOTHS: The Shoggoths are the processes underlying the Quantum Tunnelling of the internal Yoni Wormholes encountered within the dream.

Fred Alan Wolf/Parallel Universes: "An Atom is composed of subatomic particles called electrons. One must have, in the quantum picture, many possible parallel locations for each electron in an atom in order that the atom exist in a stable pattern of lowest energy. Each location is a possibility for each electron. In this lowest energy state, called the ground state, the atom has a well-defined minimum energy, but it’s electrons do not have well-defined locations. To maintain stability in an atom, electron’s -must not have, well defined locations. Thus the atom can exist only if it’s electrons are in ghostly parallel-location worlds-each of it’s electrons somehow occupying only one position in any world, but occupying an infinite number of positions in an infinite number of nearby parallel worlds, all the same size. In a sense, this can be visualised as a raft of parallel electrons floating in a sea of possibilities. However the analogy goes much farther. These additional bubbles not only do not exist in just one universe, they exist in parallel universes that can be reached from our universe via a process called quantum tunnelling. In this process an electron is able to suddenly vanish in one universe and appear in another. Indeed, if this idea is correct, much of what we now call psychic phenomena, altered states of awareness, channelling of conscious beings, spirits, ghostly apparitions, flying saucers, and other unexplainable phenomena could be explained as information tunnelling-coming from parallel universes".

The Shoggoths can be consciously wrought into symbolic expressions as ‘sub quantum automata’ Golem constructs to set up certain ‘Quantum Tunnelling’ conditions as ones Minions, which can become sentient over time. This is especially true if they acquire a mass mind focus to be directed at them in regards to their constructed symbolic expression that determines the patterning of information around them such as that of many a deity. One can utilise such self-constructed Shoggoths to control the minds of others when they are led to focus upon them as some kind of deity in whatever form whereupon their auto-hypnotic focus empowers one without them ever realising what is going on.

The ‘Great Old Ones’ can be perceived as representing subconscious automatic processes of consciousness, where as the ‘Elder Gods’ represent the conscious understanding and utilisation of these processes as ‘Operators’. For example:

The Elder Gods:

NODENS: Is described as Lord Nodens of the silver hand by Arthur Machen in his story "The Great God Pan".Nodens is a Romano-Celtic deity who was once the tutelary god of the sanctuary at Lydney, Glouscesershire.

Nodens was the God of healing to the ancient Britons who is probably one and the same as the ancient Irish God Nuada of the ‘silver hand’ as well as the ancient Norse and Saxon God Tyr, who sacrificed his right hand to the monstrous wolf Fenris. One can see that Yog-Sothoth and Fenris are somewhat one and the same and that the maw of Fenris symbolically represents the star constellation Draco and the silver hand of Nodens/Tyr is that of the Polaris pole star.

Lord Nodens hand is also that of the "Elder Sign" of the blazing Pentagram, symbol of Man the Microcosm, divinity revealed in human form. The Pentagram is also associated with the five stars of ‘precession’ at whose centre Draco can be found, that is entwined as a Dragon Serpent around the ‘Pole of the Ecliptic’.

The Pentagram represents one’s conscious (Five Senses) ingress into (Hypnagogic) and out (Hypnapompic) through the stargate yoni maw of the Fenris Wolf Bitch and in regards to ancient myth it was bound shut because of the misuse of an ancient understanding.

When one places the downward pointing pentagram of the Microcosm upon that of the upturned pentagram of the Macrocosm one will find at its ten pointed midst a six pointed star of ones Magick Circle. The name of Nodens would also etymologically equate with the name of the Saxon Shaman God and Sorcerer Woden who was known to the ancient Norse as Odin whose singular eye be at the midst of the blazing Pentagram of the ‘Elder Sign’. It was Woden who ‘walked worlds’ from within trance and deep dream.

These other worlds are held within the winding yoni wormhole tunnelled branches and roots of the Valkyria world tree of Yggdrassill like so many fruit upon which Woden hung as a (Dagon) Dragon into trance as to travel without moving by riding an eight-legged mare of an Ally called Sliepnir.

The Necronomicon can be seen as an understanding of sentient subconscious processes and functions that can be accessed by consciously engineered ‘Dream Manipulation’ techniques. H.P Lovecraft had inadvertently tapped into this knowledge through the Yog-Sothoth portal of the dream so that to remember and to exorcise his fear as well as to keep at bay what he had found through his writing. If one is seeking the reality of the Necronomicon one has to learn how to awaken within the dream first to gather unto one its secrets just as H.P Lovecraft’s alternate ego of a Magical persona did whose name was Abdul Alhazred, author of the Necronomicon.

© Mark Dunn 2005

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    Hi Mark. My name is Kathleen and I am a 24 year old female living in Orlando, Florida. Within the last 6 months, my dreams have been transforming beyond my control. Recently I’ve been forced to face all different kinds of fears/obstacles in my dreams, but even more recently, I’ve been able to consciously overcome such obstacles without waking. I dream lucidly/vividly every night and I also am able to control some of my dreams on a regular basis. Lately, I will wake up through out the night, of and on, and continue my dreams where they left off. This “off and on waking” seems to heighten the dream experience and my control of my dreams. I also keep having dreams where I am surrounded by lots of people, whom I’ve never met in the physical world, starring at they are trying to communicate, but are hesitating in doing so. I would love to talk to someone about my experiences, for I cannot relate this to any one I currently know. Thanks!

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