The Serpent Yig – Ygg, Daath and Kia by Mark Dunn

There appears to be a correlation between the ancient Norse myth of the Shaman God Odin ‘Hanging’ himself from the world tree or multiverse tree of Yggdrassill with that of the hidden Sephira of Daath from the Cabbala whose physiological zone of influence is that of the reptilian brain stem. Yggdrassill means "the steed of Ygg", while Daath means ‘knowledge’ whereby one has the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ around which is coiled the Serpent of Eden. The term “Ygg” is utilised by H.P Lovecraft for his serpent God “Yig”, which is etymologically derived from the word ‘Ygg’ while his Elder God of the Romano-Celtic Nodens is very likely similar in attributes to Odin. The word ‘Ygg’ is also an alternate magical name of Odin by which, he was known as the "Terrible One" when he ‘Hung’ himself upon the Yggdrassill tree of knowledge. There is the strong possibility that the meaning of Ygg, "the terrible one" relates to the terrifying experience of trance ingress and that of contacting another form of intelligence residing within the 11th dimension of the dream. ‘Ygg’ is also probably alluding to the observation of a Shaman going into the ecstatic fury of trance as well as that of the experience of gaining ingress into trance one’s self. The ancient Norse myth of Odin ‘Hanging’ himself upon the ‘World Tree’ symbolically alludes to the activation of the reptilian brain stem of ‘Ygg/Yig’ and that of trance ingress into the multiverse realms of the dream rather than that of actually physically hanging or even crucifying ones self. However such a technique was utilised by secret societies to initiate their members but not I might add to the point of death it was merely utilised to get them to see beyond their own mortality. There be other ways to activate the reptilian brain stem of ‘Ygg’ such as through conscious ‘dream manipulation’ techniques so that to attain the ‘Apple’ of the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ that be as ones residual third eye of the Pineal Gland to awaken.

MIrcea Eliade (Shamanism, Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.): "In Nordic tradition the gibbet is called the "hanged man’s horse" and certain Germanic initiation rites included the symbolic "hanging" of the candidate, for this custom is abundantly documented elsewhere. But Odin also ties his horse to Yggdrassill, and the occurrence of the mythical theme in North and Central Asia is well known".

Odin’s horse, which is tethered to the world tree of Yggdrassill is called ‘Sliepnir’ and means the ‘gliding one’. The horse is perceived to have eight legs akin to that of a spider. Sliepnir was also very likely associated with the Shaman drum utilised to induce ecstatic trance states of consciousness.

Mircea Eliade: "Now, the eight-hoofed horse is the Shamanic horse par excellence; it is found among the Siberians, as well as elsewhere (e.g., the Muria), always in connection with the Shaman’s ecstatic experience".

The eight-hoofed horse could be the symbolic representation of the experience of trance ingress, and in relation to Sliepnir there is a reference to that of a ‘spider’. The spider reference is that of the ancient Saxon Sorcerers concept of the Spiders ‘web of Wyrd’. The web of Wyrd is the underlying energetic interconnection of all things in creation, which one could relate to ‘Superstring’ theory. The ancient Saxon peoples worshipped Odin as Woden and perceived him as a Shaman wanderer of worlds. The Saxon’s called the ‘Cosmic Axis’ the ‘Irminsul’, which one could relate to the trunk of the world tree of the Norse Yggdrassill. The trunk of the world tree is that of one’s spinal column along whose length run three nerve channels.

In the ancient Hindu and Tantric practice of Yoga these three nerve channels are known as the ‘Ida’ nerve channel, which runs along the left hand side of the spinal column and the ‘Pingala’, which runs along the right side of the spinal column. The central nerve channel of the spinal column is called the ‘Sushumna’.

Along the Sushumna the Yogic practitioner can awaken a subtle energy being that of the life force known as the fire snake of ‘Kundalini Shakti’. The awakening of this energy is achieved when the nervous energy of the two nerve channels on either side of the Sushumna is brought into balance. One can equate the two nerve channels on either side of the spinal column symbolically with that of two horses and when fused as one into balance one has the eight-hoofed horse of ecstatic trance.

The ascent of the Hindu/Tantric fire snake of the Kundalini Shakti along the Cosmic Axis of the spinal column can therefore be seen as possibly being known as the experience of Sliepnir to the Norse/Saxon Shaman. The energy of the fire snake of the Kundalini Shakti was perceived as being that of a Goddess by the Hindu/Tantric practitioners of Yoga, perhaps Sliepnir was originally seen to be an eight-hoofed Mare (female centaur) of ecstatic ‘gliding’ trance ingress by the ancient Norse/Saxon Shaman. One could also equate Sliepnir with the Buraq that Muhammad rode, which had the head of a woman as well as with the Lung-ta Wind Horse of Tibet that carries one as a prayer.

The three nerve channels running along the length of one’s spine at a physiological middle-world level can also be equated with the three sisterly Goddesses of fate known to the ancient Norse as the ‘Norns’. The three Norns were seen to be associated with that of ‘weaving’ one’s fated destiny into being as a web being that of the Wyrd web known to the Saxon’s. The Norns were very much associated with the world tree of Yggdrassill to which is tethered the eight-hoofed spider horse of Odin. The Norns made sure of the health of the world tree of Yggdrassill, which was under their care.

At a bio-molecular level the world tree of Yggdrassill can be seen as being the serpentine double Helix of the DNA. The awakening of the subtle energy of Sliepnir along Yggdrassill’s trunk would be that of accessing the intelligence within the DNA helix via induced trance and engineered lucid dreams. The accessing of the intelligence of the DNA helix would therefore allow one to gain access into one’s encoded genetic Norn weave of destiny being that of the Wyrd web of one’s underlying informational interference pattern of one’s life. Odin’s warlike aspect would be that of the Shamanic battle to re-program the fixated demonic encoded genetic programs of the lower-world, whom fight tooth and claw to stay as they are, yet transformed into becoming as his familiars. The interference pattern of energy and information would be that of the dreaming mind of the bio-photon, which emanates from within the DNA and it is conjectured that the DNA could be in communication with other DNA via some kind of communication network.

This communication network could be perceived as being that of the bio-photon Wyrd web akin to that of an organic ‘Internet’. An analogy of this would be the ‘key-words’ that one types up upon one’s computer work-station of the mind, while within a consciously aware dream determines what kind of information one can access. The Norse myths communicate that Odin sacrificed himself upon the world tree of Yggdrassill in order to win the secrets of these internal ‘key-words’ of power known as the Runes. The Runes were sung within the conscious dream so that Odin could access whatever information he desired by a symbolic correspondence of informational associative processing that patterned out as a fractal dream in relation to a particular Rune he internally sung while within an engineered lucid dream or via trance.

(The Runes themselves are twenty-four in number and are of the ‘Elder Futhark’ and are placed into three groups of eight each. The three groupings of Runes are associated with the three nerve channels of the spinal column at the ‘physiological level’ and appear to correlate with the ancient Hindu/Tantric concept of the energy centers of the body known as the Chakra’s. It is through these energy centers that the fire-snake of the Kundalini Shakti ascends and in turn activates them into awakening, perhaps one can relate this to the activation of the ‘Junk DNA’ at the ‘bio-molecular level’ due to an engineered evolutionary quantum leap of consciousness at the ‘sub-atomic level’. The fourth Rune of the Elder Futhark called ‘Ansuz’ is of interest here since it correlates with the area of the ‘Heart’ and more specifically with the Central Nervous System in particular. The Mongolian Shaman accesses the power of trance when to open his heart, which is termed as the Himmori and is in turn symbolically associated with a Horse to ride. The Rune of Ansuz is the Rune of Odin riding Sliepnir. It is also conjectured that the Runes have their ancient origins in Siberia where the Shaman’s still practice their art.)

At the sub-atomic upper-world level the three Norn’s can be perceived as being that of the Electron, Proton and the Neutron of the nucleus of the Atom. In superstring theory the perspective, which was initially held by many physicists that matter was made of ‘particles’ has now changed and that matter is now being perceived as being possibly made up of ‘tiny strings’. These strings oscillate akin to a guitar string being plucked into making music from which emanates matter. The experience of colour in dreams is determined by the excitation of the electrons quantum leaping from one energy level to another. By one’s conscious observation in one’s dreams one can determine the excitation of the electrons into generating certain colours. These colours of the dream correspond with one’s energetic emotions and are cohered into symbolic associative forms that encapsulate the emotive charge of one’s observation.

(The Shaman is quite adept at generating particular emotive charges in relation to a number of constructed self-images that are ‘alternate guises’ that can be assumed as masks. These ‘self constructed’ guises are assumed within the dream or via trance consciously and in turn generate an informational associative fractal of a dream domain. The symbolic triggers of encrypted emotive energy will reflect back the persona assumed within the dream. The Shaman then experiences an intense experiential internal reality, which in turn imprints the Shaman’s nervous system. Since the nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real and that of an imagined event the nervous system of the Shaman can then be piloted by a consciously wrought program of a mask persona, which has been activated from within the dream. The Shaman can re-tune the nervous system into tuning into any reality pertaining to the internal mask persona assumed. The experience of the externally corresponding synchronistic phenomena feeds back symbolic triggers that reinforce and stabilise the internally assumed mask persona.)

By one’s conscious observation while within the dream one can pluck the strings into making the music from which emanates matter. Odin can be seen as plucking the strings of the Wyrd web into trembling by emotively singing a particular Rune into generating a corresponding informational associative fractal dream domain while in deep trance or that of an engineered lucid dream. The associative symbolic triggers that Odin activated while within the conscious dream or via trance by the utilisation of a Rune song would then set up the corresponding associative synchronistic phenomena pertaining to the internally sung Rune into becoming as flesh within the material world. There is the possibility that each of the Runes were associated with constructed mask persona’s and therefore of a certain emotional energetic quality.

The dreaming mind can be seen as being the experience of the ‘Implicate Order’ and that upon one’s conscious ingress into the internal reality of the dreaming mind it is akin to that of entering into a reality labyrinth. The reality labyrinth of the dream can be perceived as being akin to walking into the guts of a porous ‘membrane’ of a sponge.

The membrane’s pores can be seen as mini-wormholes of the ‘strings’ that make up matter. These mini-wormholes are the doorways into a myriad number of alternate worlds that exist within a myriad number of parallel universes. The information that flow through these mini-wormholes generates interference patterns of symbolic phenomena around one’s self within the dream. The mask persona assumed within the dream determines the nature of the interference pattern of associative symbolic phenomena, which patterns out as an informational associative fractal dream domain. The dream domain reflects back the mask persona assumed, which determines what kind of information that one is accessing and thereby what reality one is tuning into.

The mini-wormhole’s symbolic expression within the dream will be that of everyday doorways, windows, hallways, tunnels, caves, holes as well as bodies of water and that of mirrors. The primary symbolic expression of the mini-wormhole will be that of the birth door and thereby that of the feminine principle. The ancient Norse saw the feminine principle of the Valkyries who are the ‘hand-maidens’ to the Shaman Odin as being ‘the choosers of the slain’. One cannot gain ingress into a mini-wormhole unless one is akin to a spirit being that of one of the dead. The Shaman who consciously accesses the internal reality is in essence one of the self-slain in order to gain ingress into trance to become as a spirit and thereby becoming as pure information to access an internal mini-wormhole. The mini-wormhole can be seen as a Yoni information tunnel that leads to a womb of an alternate reality. The Valkyries can be perceived as internal stargate yoni information tunnels that lead to alternate womb realities. The Valkyries were associated with the constructed persona’s of the Norse Shaman for each Valkyrie can be seen as being sexually conjoined with each constructed alternate personality, which were known as Ek’s. The Valkyries empowered each constructed alternate personality, which exist in particular patterned out alternate realities at the informational level of the Implicate Order of the dreaming mind by informational associative ‘feed-back’ loops of symbolic triggers.

The Valkyries are very much associated with the Norn sisters in Norse myth and appear to be associated with the experience of space and time. The Norn’s names and meanings are Urd, that which was, Verdhandi, that which is and Skuld, that which is to become. The Norn’s are the symbolic representation of the flow of time. The flow of time can be perceived as a serpent winding around into that of a lemniscate eating it’s own tail of a ‘feed-back’ loop of a superstring. The flow of time not only goes from the past to the future but also back again. At the mid-point of the lemniscate one can gain ingress into a mini-wormhole while one is in the eternal now as a singular winged eye hovering within the Implicate Order of the dreaming mind!

Each alternate persona has it’s own lemniscate of a time-flow and in essence the Shaman has the ability of forging a new destiny of Explicate Ordered synchronistic phenomena by assuming a constructed guise from within the Implicate Order of the dreaming mind. Odin had many alternate names of Ek’s that he was known by and it was by the assumption of these alternate guises he was able to quantum leap into alternate mental realities that underlie their corresponding alternate material worlds and thereby awaken into another experiential reality.

It was from the Goddess and female Shaman Freyja who is the mistress of the Valkyries that Odin learnt the techniques of trance induction and dream engineering known as Seidr.

Freyja in turn was taught by Odin how to cohere and direct intense emotions via mantric songs of Rune spell formulae known as the technique of Galdr. The Norse myth of Odin’s and Freyja’s sexual entanglement of Shamanic initiation appears to be communicating a sacred marriage of opposites in relation to male and female energy into that of a sorcerers relationship dynamic. There is also a possible connection here with the Biblical myth of Genesis where Adam and Eve both tasted of the apple of ‘knowledge’ being that of the power zone of ‘Daath’.

The Shaman Goddess Freyja could be seen as the symbolic representation of the Implicate Order of the dreaming mind for she appears to be akin to the alchemical world soul of the fifth element and that to access her one has to be versed in the technique of Seidr.

There is a myth that connects Freyja with the winning of a golden necklace, which could be that of a twisted "torque" won from four Dwarves, who may be representative of the four elemental compass directions with whom she had sexual congress. Freyja’s necklace would indicate that she is associated not only with the ability of Seidr but also with the power zone of the reptilian brain stem. Freyja’s necklace can be seen as a serpent eating it’s own tail being that of a "twisted" (as in the old Germanic root of the word ‘wife’, related to vibrate, wave, wind and twist like a veil.) double helix of a DNA golden torque of Seidr-knowledge. Freyja is also said to be associated with the apples of immortality being the secret of the DNA helix as well as being associated with the Pineal gland.

Odin’s trance ingress into the world soul of the Implicate Order of the dreaming mind upon the back of Sliepnir could be equated with that of an ecstatic trance dance of the horse stick.

Mircea Eliade: "The "horse" – that is, the horse-headed stick-is used by the Buryat shamans in their ecstatic dances".

Odin could be perceived as trance dancing into a raging ecstasy as well as to be repetitively Galdr singing Rune songs prior to falling into a deep trance ingress of Seidr to thereby gain ingress into the world soul of Freyja.

Paul Devereux(Shamanism and the Mystery Lines, Ley Lines, Spirit Paths, Shape-shifting and out-of-body travel: "Dancing was an important element in trance-producing rituals for many peoples, but perhaps the best preserved and studied case where this is a key factor in trance induction is that of the hunting-gathering! Kung (the explanation mark denotes a glottal, click sound) of the Kalahari region of South Africa. They have three main ritual dances – Giraffe Dance, Drum Dance and Tree Dance. The aim of the dances is to produce Kia, an altered state of consciousness dependent on the welling up of Num, a primordial life energy within the body and perceived as infusing all things in varying degrees. When awakened during the trance dance, the Num rises up the spinal column, generating great heat. In this state the dancer can feel an overpowering urge to leap on a fire, or handle and walk on glowing embers. (The rising of Num is, of course, remarkably similar to the Indian concepts of Kundalini energy rising up the spine. Num resides at the base of the spine (also like the Kundalini) and in the pit of the stomach when not awakened. When Num ‘boils’ and reaches the base of the skull, Kia, trance, occurs".

(The Runes, which correspond with the base of the spine, the stomach and that of the base of ones skull, are interesting to note. The base Rune of the Serpentine Dragon Mare energy ascending is that of the 17th Rune ’Tiwaz’ while the Rune of the stomach is the 18th Rune ‘Berkano’. The Rune corresponding with the base of ones skull is that of the 14th Rune ‘Perdhro’, which is associated with a cup as well as that of a cauldron.)  

When the Shaman Odin fell into ‘gliding’ trance carried by the energy of Sliepnir he was able to access the internal Yoni wormhole stargates of the Valkyries into alternate mental realities underlying that of the material alternate worlds he could awaken into. His access into the trance of ‘Ygg’ enabled him to awaken the carrying energy of Sliepnir into ascending his spinal column of Yggdrassill. By the Rune songs he was able to cohere his energetic emotional charge into accessing any information he desired by re-tuning his nervous system from within the world soul of the dream being that of Freyja and therefore affecting changes within material reality experienced as synchronistic phenomena.

© Copyright 2005 Mark Dunn

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    Awesome, I picked the name from a Lovecraft novel for use in World of warcraft and now to find the name has it’s basis in WoW lore is crazy. There is a tree of knowledge called, Teldrassil where the Night Elves hail from, they call it a ” World Tree” too which is crazy close to what is described above.

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