Elder God, Schmelder God by Stephan Hesh

Elder God, Schmelder God.
I am not afraid.
I’ll sing their songs.
I’ll chant their chants.
And even say their names.
Hastur, Hastur.
You see, I feel the same.

Ancient tomes, by crazy gnomes.
Nothing dreadful there.
I’ll read their words.
I’ll draw their signs.
And prove it’s not germane.
For they’re not real.
Just mindless tales.
Your fears are all in vain.

Great Old Ones, they’re all gone.
They’ll never worry me.
I’ll use black spells.
I’ll open the doors.
And throw away the key.
One moment please.
I heard a noise.
Oh God! No, stop! Not meeeeeeee!

9 Responses to “Elder God, Schmelder God by Stephan Hesh”

  1. Yog-Sothoth Wrote:

    lol, that showed him!

  2. JJ Burke Wrote:

    heh heh heh, not too shabby

  3. Skoteinos Theos Wrote:

    Hehe…Take that nonbeleiver!

  4. Hastur Wrote:

    Eat him up Hastur!

  5. Ihnathi Wrote:

    The idea lives… keep up the good work!

  6. Randolph Carter Wrote:

    awesome, that’ll teach him

  7. Dead Cthulhu Wrote:

    One thing; Hastur and Nyarlthotep aren’t Elder Gods. They’re a Great Old One and Outer God, respectively.

  8. I'mnotNyarlathotep Wrote:

    Tempting fate: bad idea.

    Tempting the Elder Gods: worse idea.

    Tempting both: Such a bad idea, that it’s virtually impossible not to do it.

  9. I'mnotnyarlathotepeither Wrote:


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