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Light up squid! Nut cracking chimps! And record breaking squid catch!

Big deep-sea squid emit blinding flashes of light as they attack their prey. Full story.

Chimpanzees were using nut-crackers 4,300 years ago!
Full story.

what is expected to be a world-record-breaking colossal squid caught in New Zeland!
Full story.

At the Other Mountains of Madness

For those who may have thought that the descriptions of the city of the Old Ones in At the Mountains of Madness were entirely fanciful, I suggest taking a look at these pictures of Uchisar Fortress and the fairy chimneys of Goreme in Turkey.

 On a related note, At the Mountains of Madness has been adapted into a radio-style play by the folks who brought you the silent film The Call of Cthulhu.

Shark sinks boat, Snakes get sneaky, And Monkey boy FOUND!

The crew of a shrimping boat had to be rescued after a shark took out the ship’s propeller and caused the boat to take on water.
Full story here.

One type of snake has developed its own version of the “poison ring” that certain Medieval ladies wore in case they wanted to pour a lethal substance into someone’s drink.
Full story here

The BBC reports that John Ssabunnya, who is now 14, was abandoned when he was two years old in the jungle in Uganda. Green monkeys adopted him and raised him.
Full story here.

Mythos News

The BBC reports that a rare prehistoric shark has been filmed at a Japanese marine park.  The natural habitat of the creature is 600 meters or more below the sea.  More here and here.

 While controversy continues over the whether the diminutiveness of the so-called “Hobbit” remains is the result of race or disease, digs resume at the cave in Indonesia where they were found.  More here.

In Lowell, Ohio, residents experienced a mysterious power surge for which both the Ohio Dept. of Transportation and American Electric Power deny responsibility.  One resident reported coming home to a burning smell and a brown, melted surge protector.  Among property destroyed by the surge were computers, microwaves, TVs and satellite equipment.  The original story, no longer available, was posted here.

Finally, authorities in Montana are searching for an unknown creature.  “It leaves a track like a small wolf, or a dog, or a wolf-hybrid, but its killing habits are inefficient, nothing like the surgical lethality of a wolf taking meat from a herd of domestic sheep. . . .  This creature is a traveler, and it is not always alone, though its companion leaves a smaller track still, adding to the mystery.”  Details can be found here and here.  In a comment on the story at the Caspar Star Tribune, one reader suggests that the creature might be the legendary Shunka Warak’in.