Album Review: Poisoned Dreams by The Unquiet Void

Yet another ambiant CD based on the works of HP Lovecraft. There seems to be a real glut of Cthulhu-inspired music at the moment. Guess the Great Old One is stiring again and affecting musician’s minds. He needs to try harder. This is an all instrumental album that I assume was done to accompany the reading (and for some of us writing) of mythos tales.

For me, at least, it does not really do the trick. Its just vaguely creepy background music that adds nothing to either the reading of a tale nor the writing of one. In fact, to be honest this CD falls flat. Jason Wallach is obviously a talented musician, but this stuff is boring. I suspect many of the budding Lovecraft movie makers might find something of use on here. I am rather guessing that putting me to sleep was not on his agenda. I suppose if you like ambient music and you read Mythos tales, you might like this sort of thing. Slayer, Metallica (old) or even the excellent Nox Arcana are far more appropriate.

Rating: 2/5

This review was submitted by Andrew.

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  1. Chris Wrote:

    With all due respect, I completely disagree, I think that “Poisoned Dreams” is an amazing channeling of the mythos, it captures it perfectly I think, compared to the dodgy heavy metal that seems to be the staple of Lovecraftian music these days. Maybe I’m biassed in the opposite direction, as I can’t stand metal for the most part.

    In poisoned dreams you have all the important elements; a sense of the ocean, waves, storms… there’s the ritualistic chanting and a vast sense of brooding (sleeping??) menace just below the audible range.

    I love this album and can’t wait for the follow up which promises to be more intense.

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