Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown

Wyrd studios is set to release their new documentary Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown. Directed by Frank H. Woodward, the film features interviews with Guillermo Del Toro, Neil Gaiman, John Carpenter, Peter Straub, Caitlin Kiernan, Stuart Gordon, Ramsey Campbell, S.T. Joshi and few other Lovecraft scholars. The DVD is scheduled for release on October 27 – just in time for your Lovecraft themed Halloween parties.

Be sure to visit the official website and check out the online trailer.

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2 Responses to “Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown”

  1. Nickolaus Pacione Wrote:

    Sounds cool with the new artist coming on board — I have to get you the link for House of Spiders 3, fuck it just do Lulu.com and House of Spiders 3.

  2. MAC Cosmetics Wrote:

    Wyrd studio will release their new documentary Lovecraft: fear of things to strangers. By Frank you Woodward director’s functions and just del santoro movies, Neil, John carpenter, Peter grass cloth, caitlin Kiel south, Stuart Gordon ramsay Campbell, st-segment interview josh and several other Lovecraft scholars. The DVD is scheduled for October 27 – when you release Lovecraft theme party. Halloween,

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