Please Welcome Richard Allen Poppe

We are happy to announce the inclusion of Richard Allen Poppe to the Featured Artists section of the Temple of Dagon. From a young age, Richard has been interested in horror, and his Lovecraft inspired pieces capture the true feel of the mythos. He works primarily in polyester resin, as well as mixed media, and his unique work will surely gain him even more fans at the Temple. Take a look at his gallery and let him know what you think.

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3 Responses to “Please Welcome Richard Allen Poppe”

  1. Rodr-Evil Wrote:

    Awesome artist.

  2. Shawn Richey Wrote:

    I spent over $400 on lovecraft inspired art from Richard Allen Poppe and NEVER received a single item from him. I bought his books 2 years ago and all I’ve gotten since giving him money is an email every week for 2 years explaining why he can’t send them, or that they’re “almost done”. For MONTHS now he has been “having trouble shipping them”. This man is a FRAUD. do NOT send him ANY MONEY. He was kicked off Ebay for fraud and now continues to steal money from lovecraft fans. Its disgusting.

  3. C.T. Wrote:

    I purchased a statue from this man a few years ago and was constantly told it was “On its way” After four months I had a choice to either claim from Paypal or trust that he would send it. I decided to trust him but the item was never sent. As soon as my chance to claim from Paypal expired he no longer replied to my emails. As an artist his work is amazing; it’s just a shame his business practice is not.

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