The Eldritch Gazette on hold for July

The Eldritch Gazette will not be publishing its Monthly Issue this June. It is with a heavy heart that I present this update before you, even though rightly, It is from my other, most time consuming obligations that cause me to do so. We will have the July Issue as a Deluxe edition of the Gazette, containing both the intended June issue’s material, as well as the July’s, plus extra. It is a busy time for me, and I despise the thought of missing a deadline, but to put it simply, time is not very willing.

On a lighter note, I have finally been accepted to my intended University (University of Alaska Anchorage), and am completely ecstatic about it. With a summer already going well, and a base of support much larger than we had intended it to be at this point, it is with out doubt that future holds will be minimal, if at all, in comparison to this one now.
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