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The Eldritch Gazette June/July Issue Now Officially Out!07/16/06

The Special June/July Issue of the Eldritch Gazette has finally been released. Clickhere to begin rummaging through its yellowed, age worn pages.

News from The Eldritch Gazette

News:07/15/06-The June/July Special Edition is near completion, and will be posted later on this day, the 15th of July, 2006. The Center Column on The Eldritch Gazette website has already been adjusted to fit the New/Upcoming Issues, and the New “Musician of the Month”, has been posted as well.

To view, click here.

The Mythos Wiki is now open!

The Temple of Dagon’s new Mythos Wiki is officially open! There is a lot of great information up already, and much more to come. Be sure to take a look, and if you like, add something new. With everyones help it will continue to grow! I would like to especially thank A. T. Tsalazar and Jesus Prime for their excellent work adding in articles and helping set everything up. Visit the Mythos Wiki at http://wiki.templeofdagon.com!

New Artist – Kevin Evans

I would like to welcome Kevin Evans as the newest featured artist at the Temple of Dagon. He shares with us a collection of unique work which is sure to win him fans.

Another Tale from Stephan Hesh

For those of you who enjoyed the short poem ‘Elder God, Schmelder God‘ by Stephan Hesh, he has sent us a story this time. It is called ‘The Dreams of Jeremy Singleton‘ and is the journal of a man concerned for the sanity of his friend. It can be found within the Selected Tales section of this site.

The Eldritch Gazette on hold for July

The Eldritch Gazette will not be publishing its Monthly Issue this June. It is with a heavy heart that I present this update before you, even though rightly, It is from my other, most time consuming obligations that cause me to do so. We will have the July Issue as a Deluxe edition of the Gazette, containing both the intended June issue’s material, as well as the July’s, plus extra. It is a busy time for me, and I despise the thought of missing a deadline, but to put it simply, time is not very willing.

On a lighter note, I have finally been accepted to my intended University (University of Alaska Anchorage), and am completely ecstatic about it. With a summer already going well, and a base of support much larger than we had intended it to be at this point, it is with out doubt that future holds will be minimal, if at all, in comparison to this one now.
thank you,


New Podcast…

Dodging Reality podcast is live for you to enjoy. Slap this (http://homepage.mac.com/lagwolf/podcasts/DodgingReality1.xml) link into your iTunes and enjoy. We have a piece from one of the guys behind Friends of Micronesia, Tracy Twyman, Laurence, and of course a song anticipating the World Cup from Growing Old Disgracefully.

I would encourage T0D readers to contribute 5 minute pieces (in mp3 form) for future broadcasts.

Update: Dodging Reality continues to gather steam as a weekly (more or less) podcast.

Four New Written Works

Featured writer Simon Bucher-Jones has sent us ‘The Spidermonger‘, which was one of his first tales and inspired by Lovecraft and Clark Aston Smith. He came across his original manuscript again recently and decided to share it with us.

We also have a nice assortment of new work in the Selected Tales section. Stephan Hesh has sent us his short poem ‘Elder God, Schmelder God‘ and Alexander Rivera gives us ‘Beyond The Conjured‘ and ‘Holy Man’s Pathos‘. They are both newcomers to the Temple, so give them a warm welcome!

New Featured Artist: Irene Castro

I would like to welcome Irene Castro as the newest featured artist to the Temple of Dagon. Irene is a painter from Chile who shares with us some very unique depictions of Lovecraft’s creations. Be sure to check out the work and leave a comment! View the work here.

Creepy Cthulhu-esque 100 word tales

Place this feed in your iTunes and get my frequent 100 tales all of which are all rather creepy and most of which are Cthulhuian. The Sage of Wales stars quite often; but not always.